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By Cary McNeal

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Fact: Chocolate comprises the alkaloid theobromine, which in excessive doses should be poisonous to people, and in even small quantities can kill canines, parrots, horses, and cats.
This signifies that regardless of its identify, the Kit-Kat sweet bar isn't a instructed snack in your kitty-cat. i ponder what percentage cats have died due to this confusion.

Fact: the main germ-laden position in your bathroom isn't the seat or maybe the bowl--it's the handle.
The resolution: Don't flush. enable the subsequent man fear approximately it.

There are "just the facts"--and then there are only the proof that may frighten the bejeezus out of you. and due to this little gem a WC publication, you'll by no means examine the realm a similar approach back, with no, er, dry heaving a bit bit.

From the sneaky fish which can swim up our genitals to the E. coli micro organism lurking within the very water we drink, worrying phenomena are all over we flip. academic, wonderful, and undeniably frightening, this ebook isn't bound to assist you, um, visit the lavatory, yet it's sure to make it slow there more...informed.

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Beetle's bonnet, bell, boy in the boat, budgie's tongue, button, Boy in the boat: a British term from the 1800 s, the boat being the vulva. clit, clitty, clown's hat, dat, dot, goal-keeper, jointess, joy buzzer, laborator natural, little man, little C \ man in the boat, little ploughman, little shame tongue, love bud, love button, man in the boat, membrum muliebre, nuts, penis equivalent, penis fimineus, praline, prawn of pleasure, sensitive spot, spare tongue, slit, slit bit, sugared diamond, taste bud The Chinese poetically describe the clitoris as the jewel terrace.

Refers to "getting off early" at at tube (subway) stop. An alternative is to leave before the gospel. mini-pill, natural family planning, OCP, oral contraceptive, pill (the), playroom (diaphragm), pope cheaters, precautions, "I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. " - Woody Allen prevention, prophylactic, protection, pussy butterfly (IUD), raincoat, rhythm, rhythm method, RU486, rubber, safe sex, something for the weekend, spermicide, sponge, therapeutic abortion, tubal ligation, vaginal ring, vasectomy, Vatican roulette R U486: a French-invented drug which induces abortion.

A variation is to get horizontal. juice, juke, jumble, jumble giblets, jum(m), jump, jump bones, knock, knock it off, knock the boots, know, labour leather, lallygag, lap clap, lay, lay off with, lay out, lay (some) pipe, lay the hip, lay the leg, lay tube, lay the track, leap, leave before the gospel, leave shoes under the bed, lib, liberate, lie feet uppermost, lie on, lie under, lie with, lift a leg on a woman, lift one's leg, light the lamp, line, lob in, love, lubricate, make, 38 The Bald-Headed Hermit If you see Kate: an oblique reference tof-u-c-k, used by children and adolescents.

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