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By Christopher Harper-Bill, Elisabeth van Houts

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With its wealth of knowledge and skilful show, the booklet is a really worthwhile better half for any traveler via this crowded territory. ENGLISH old overview by the point of the Conquest, the Normans were validated in Normandy for over 150 years. they'd remodeled themselves from pagan Northmen into Christian princes; their territories prolonged from England, southern Italy and Sicily to far away Antioch, and their impact had unfold all through western Europe and the Mediterranean. Duke William's victory at Hastings and the ensuing Anglo-Norman union introduced England into the mainstream of eu background and tradition, with far-reaching outcomes for Western civilisation. those particularly commissioned reviews are all in favour of the achievements of the cross-Channel realm. They make a big contribution to an figuring out of the hundred years that witnessed nice switch and significant advancements in English and Norman govt and society. There are surveys of the 2 constituent elements, of Normandy below the Angevin kings, of where of country and duchy within the politics and tradition of the North Sea, and of the parallel Norman fulfillment within the Mediterranean. There are overviews either one of secular management and of the church, and a research of 'feudalism' and lordship. in the huge box of cultural heritage, there are discussions of language, literature, the writing of heritage, and ecclesiastical structure. individuals LESLEY ABRAMS, MATTHEW BENNETT, MARJORIE CHIBNALL, CHRISTOPHER HARPER-BILL, ELISABETH VAN HOUTS, EMMA MASON, RICHARD PLANT, CASSANDRA POTTS, DANIEL strength, IAN brief, ANN WILLIAMS.

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For the date of Ælfgar’s death, see Maund, ‘The Welsh Alliances of Earl Ælfgar’, 188. ASC ‘C’, 1065. ‘D’ includes the men of Norðymbra lande (Northumbria beyond the Tyne); ‘E’ speaks of ‘Northumbrians’, without distinguishing between the northerners and the men of York. John of Worcester names the leaders as Gamalbearn, Dunstan son of Æthelnoth and Gluniairn son of Eardwulf; Gamalbearn certainly and the others probably can be identified among the pre-Conquest holders of land in Yorkshire (Worcester ii, 596–9; M.

Dover, Wallingford and Torksey (GDB, fos 1, 56, 337). D. , Liber Eliensis, xxi–xxiv; Chron. Abingdon ii, 260. Geþyncðo, in F. Liebermann, Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen, Halle 1903, 456; EHD i, no. 52A, 432. M. Larson argued that the English ‘staller’ is derived from ON stallari, one with a seat in the king’s hall (The King’s Household in England before the Norman Conquest, Madison, Wisconsin, 1904, 146–52). C. vp 28 August 2002 15:56:18 Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen 16 A Companion to the Anglo-Norman World The form in which the royal commands were transmitted has been a matter of some controversy.

In the kingdom of the west Franks, which roughly approximated modern France, royal government was weak, and the realm was a patchwork of regional principalities. Local warlords vied with each other and with the king to expand their power and domains. Although the king was technically the feudal overlord of the whole region, this relationship had little practical significance. More often than not, the king appeared as just one of many participants in a ruthless free-for-all for land and power. The Vikings saw this instability within the Frankish realm as an opportunity, and their raids contributed to the breakdown of central authority.

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