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By Charles, K J

A primary ebook of the Society of gents sequence, a Regency m/m romance trilogy that includes radical politics, severe waistcoats, kink, conspiracy, classification divide, occasional homicide and loads of gin. during this, younger radical Harry Vane is whisked out of poverty to be become a gentleman, with the reluctant reduction of dandy Julius Norreys. yet issues don’t move solely to plan...

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Titus,” said Mr. Norreys. Lord Richard frowned. ” Lord Richard exhaled. He had begun to betray a certain annoyance—hardly surprising; in Harry’s world, he would have punched Mr. Norreys by now. Mr. Norreys remained glacial, and the third man in the room, Cyprian, was entirely unreadable. Harry had been scarlet with tongue-tied humiliation upon meeting again the man who’d plied him with gin, but there was no trace of his drinking companion in the effortlessly correct servant. The foxlike grin was as hidden as the flaming hair under its thick coating of white powder.

Lord Richard seemed not to notice the old man’s tone. “Allow me to introduce you, sir. Lord Gideon Vane, Mr. ” The gentleman indicated made Gideon a courtly bow in the style of three decades ago, with such exquisite grace that it was impossible to tell if the gesture was respectful or the opposite. ” Mr. Norreys was of medium height, perhaps an inch shorter than Harry and of slimmer build, and he was made of moonlight. His fair hair shone; his skin had a clear, refined pallor; even his eyes were pale, the light, clear blue of a winter sky, in a fine-boned, well-bred face.

The old man was quite astonishingly rich and apparently willing to give a lot of that money to Harry. He could bear a great deal for an allowance and an inheritance. “If you prove satisfactory,” Gideon had warned. “I had a radical son. ” “I’m not,” Harry had assured him. ” He searched for words that would appeal to the old man. ” The family line stretched back to a knight of the Conqueror, Gideon had informed him, and then listed almost every Vane between that medieval gentleman and Harry himself.

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