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Until the 1970s aquaculture and the conservation of aquatic environments received relatively little attention from national research institutions and development agencies even though certain traditional farming systems were economically and socially important in several countries. Like capture fisheries, these traditional aquaculture systems had a low political profile and thus a low research priority. The Period of Change Changes in Capture Fisheries For capture fisheries the period of change was signaled by the collapse of the Peruvian anchoveta fishery in 1972-73.

The development of this significant new initiative in strategic fisheries research, stimulated in part by the SIFR, is documented in the text of this report. The CGIAR initiative and the development of the SIFR strategy have been closely coordinated, which has led to some delay in the publication of the report. The SIFR strategy recognizes the need to support an international fisheries research institute under the auspices of the CGIAR. Such an institute would carry out strategic research on the Page vi basic conditions restricting sustainable development of the sectorparticularly in tropical countries.

Chapter 5 addresses the capacity of developing countries to meet their research needs. Although there are vast disparities among countries (both industrial and developing) in the conduct and value of research, there are certain common elements useful for organizing the analysis. These include the means for research (budgets, staff, infrastructure); the relevance of the programs and policies; the quality of the research; the use of research results; and the management of research. National research capacity is also influenced by the opportunities for regional cooperation.

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