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By Michael Farquhar

ISBN-10: 0143035444

ISBN-13: 9780143035442

We might say that honesty is the easiest coverage, yet history—to say not anything of commercial, politics, and the media—suggests in a different way. during this infinitely citable publication, the writer of 2 bestselling treasuries of scandal recounts a few of the maximum deceptions of all time. With what solid record did the Vatican lay declare to a lot of Europe? Who wrote Hitler’s diaries? Why do hundreds of thousands nonetheless think the imprecise doggerel that Nostradamus came about as prophecy? Organizing his fabric via subject matter (con artists, the clicking, army trickery, medical fraud, imposters, nice escapes, and more), Michael Farquhar takes in every little thing from the hoodwinking of Hitler to Vincent “the Chin” Gigante’s thirty-year loopy act.

A Treasury of Deception is a zestful, gossipy exposé—and celebration—of lying.

A Treasury of Deception additionally includes:

• Ten tricksters from scripture
• Ten nice liars in literature
• Ten egregious examples of recent American doublespeak
• Ten vintage deceptions from Greek mythology

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